Thursday, June 25, 2009

Headlines for June 25, 2009

State budget cuts will cause the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame to close Sundays and Mondays, beginning July 1st. The museum will also have to lay off six workers, leaving only five full-time employees. In March, local legislators attempted to pass a bill that would allow the museum to use money from the county’s hotel/motel tax for funding, but an agreement was never reached. In the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1st, the Sports Hall of Fame will receive about $512,000 from the state.

Macon City Council members met Wednesday to discuss changes to retiree health benefits. Changes such as withdrawing health insurance coverage for future retirees, charging retirees more for retirement health insurance and changing city policy for new hires, informing them at their time of hire that they won’t have city health insurance after they retire were proposed during the meeting. No action has been taken on any proposals because council members say they need more time. The changes will not affect current retirees but futures ones, which may cause workers to retire early. A change already made compels city employees to pay monthly premiums that will increase August 1st to about $113 per month. Next month, the council’s Employee Development and Compensation Committee meet.