Thursday, June 18, 2009

Headlines for June 18, 2009

Engineers with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were in Macon Wednesday inspecting the levee. More than a year ago they contacted the City of Macon and told them they had to remove trees and make repairs or risk losing certification. Losing that certification could make it hard to get flood insurance and federal assistance in the event of a flood. Phil Smith is with the Corps and headed up the inspection. "We just kind of walk along at a slow pace just looking for any visual signs that there's any like animal burrow's or erosion or trees getting too close to the toe of the levee." The City in partnership with the Macon Water Authority spent months and hundreds of thousands of dollars removing trees and making repairs. They are hoping for a good report from the Corps in the coming weeks.

The Macon Water Authority is celebrating an award from the American Water Works Association. The group named Macon as having the best tasting water in the nation. Macon Mayor, Robert Reichert says he's proud of their achievement. "I'm delighted for the Macon Water Authority that they have achieved this level of distinction where they are recognized nationwide as having the best tasting water in the country." Macon competed against other regional winners from across the country. Macon's water comes from the Ocmulgee River.