Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Headlines for June 24, 2009

The Macon City Council has approved its 2010 budget. Despite the approval, officials know they may have to revisit the budget in coming months because of declining revenues. The 112-million dollar budget includes cuts to funds set aside to close Macon's landfill. Dollars were also cut from the city's vehicle maintenance budget and there will be less money to pay fuel costs. City employees will not get a raise, but they will also not face furloughs or unpaid vacations. However, the city council is still waiting for a report that could recommend cutting more than 100 jobs from city payrolls at a later date.

Meanwhile, Fort Hawkins is getting a new visitors center. An empty service station on Emery Highway will also house an office, and classroom. Marty Willett is with the all volunteer Fort Hawkins Commission. He says the center will educate visitors and let them know of the fort's future plans. "How we want to keep archaeology going on in Middle Georgia forever. How we have plans to rebuild the fort. How we have plans to practice living history every day here." Willett says the commission will raise the money needed to renovate the new facility. The building was made available through a land swap involving the city, Mercer University, and a donation from the Peyton Anderson Foundation.

Agricultural experts say South Georgia's blueberry crop is in good shape. Originally they thought it would be a bad year, but yields are turning out higher than expected.