Tuesday, March 10, 2009

News Headlines for March 10, 2009

Thirty-nine people have been arrested after a lengthy drug investigation. The operation included law enforcement from Jones, Bibb, Twiggs, and Butts Counties. Police say the drug network was responsible for bringing methamphetamine from Atlanta to middle Georgia. The investigation started after Jones County Police made a traffic stop, and began surveillance on a man and woman in Macon. Police hope the arrests will slow the flow of meth between Atlanta and Macon. More arrests are expected in the case.

State lawmakers have moved to restrict embryonic stem cell research in Georgia. The move comes after President Barack Obama lifted a ban on using federal money for that propose. A State Senate panel quickly approved the measure after a subcommittee approved it earlier in the day. The bill defines an embryo as a person and bans the destruction of an embryo for scientific research. Critics say it would inhibit a recently surging bio tech business in Georgia.

Attorneys for U.S. Seanator Saxby Chambliss are heading to Savannah to fight a subpoena by an attorney suing the Imperial Sugar Company. Attorney Mark Tate wants to question Chambliss about whether company executives asked him to help them avoid blame in the 2007 explosion at their refinery in Port Wentworth. Senate lawyers claim Chambliss is immune from being deposed under a clause in the Constitution which prohibits members of Congress from testifying about legislative business in business lawsuits.