Thursday, October 2, 2008

News Headlines for October, 2, 2008

Eighth District Congressional candidate, Rick Goddard is criticizing Congressman Jim Marshall for his vote on the 700-billion dollar bailout package. Marshall is just one of two Georgia House members who supported the measure, which failed in the House. Goddard says he would have voted against the plan. Just last night the Senate passed a similar measure. Georgia's two Republican Senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, both voted in favor of the plan.

The Carl Vinson VA Medical center is opening an outpatient clinic in Perry later this month. This means some veterans will not have to travel so far medical care. Veteran's can come to the clinic for primary care, mental health care, as well as eye exams and nutritional advice. Officials with the VA say the goal is to be able to treat patients closer to their homes.

The Georgia National Fair opens today in Perry. The ten day event is the largest fair in the state. Last year nearly 450-thousand people attended. The fairs Michelle Treptow says in light of the tough economic times organizers are changing their marketing strategy this year.

"We know that people have not been taking the big vacations, that they're staying closer to home. Thus the concept, staycation. Well we've taken that a further step and we're calling it a faircation. We're inviting everyone to come out to the Georgia national Fair October 2-12 and enjoy a faircation."

The fair is also important to Middle Georgia's economy. Each fair visitor spends an average of fifty dollars.