Thursday, September 25, 2008

Headlines for September 25, 2008

DayJet discontinues service into Macon

DayJet has discontinued service into the Macon Downtown Airport. The on-demand air service company made it possible for customers to fly into sixty cities across the Southeast for a yearly membership fee and the cost of a ticket. Officials with the Florida-based company say they were unable to arrange financing to continue operations. They will not honor reservations or issue refunds. Atlanta-based ImagineAir is a similar service. They serve more than 600 airports across the Southeast and say they will pick up many of DayJet's abandoned routes. They will fly out of Macon's Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

Medical Center of Central Georgia cutting millions from its budget

The Medical Center of Central Georgia is attempting to cut 33-million dollars from its budget. Hospital officials sent an email to employees and trustees informing them of the cuts. The hospital is in the midst of an initiative to reduce costs and has asked employees for their input. They say operating margins are the weakest in recent memory. They also cite state budget cuts, increased competition, and reductions in the number of patients. They say job cuts are likely as a result of the upcoming changes.

Flu vaccines are coming soon

Several local health departments in Middle Georgia will begin offering flu vaccines next week. They say supplies are good this year and that they should have plenty of the vaccines on hand. In recent years shortages have plagued doctors and health departments across the country. Officials say the elderly and very young are particularly at-risk for the flu. Flu kills around 36-thousand Americans every year.