Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Headlines for September 23, 2008

DOT Chief in Macon

Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner, Gena Evans was in Macon Monday evening. The city was the first stop on a seven city statewide listening tour. The audience was filled with residents and politicians who were there to give input on local roads projects. More than fifty groups have banded together to try and block the proposed changed to the I-16/I-75 Interchange. They attended the hearing, but left with little hope that the project would be scaled back. Macon Mayor, Robert Reichert supports the 300-million dollar plan for the highway. He says interstates are good for Macon.

"I for one appreciate the fact that the interstate highway system runs through Macon. I think it has been a key to our success thus far. I think it is a big part of our promise for the future."

Commissioner Evans also expressed her support for commuter rail service and the use of tolls to fund road projects.

Macon City Council looks at alcohol tax

The Macon City Council is not showing much enthusiasm for Mayor Robert Reichert's proposed alcohol tax. The mayor's administration requested the 3-percent tax as a way to raise revenue. Council officials say the new tax would drive business away from the city to the county. They suggest the city work with the county to pass a similar tax at the same time.