Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Macon's Drought Plan

Emergency workers are preparing for possible drought relief with help from Macon.

In 1994 Tropical Storm Alberto flooded Macon. The city's water treatment plant shut down and residents spent 21 days without water.

Now as the state's record drought continues, Macon officials are helping others around the state plan on how to live without water. Johnny Wingers is with Bibb County's Emergency Management Agency. He coordinated the relief in 1994 and says two things are very important.

"First thing is porta potties. Then they thought no water, no sanitation you know. The next thing they thought of was the number of volunteers it's going to take to run this operation."

During the flood Wingers and 23-hundred volunteers set up water distribution points with help from FEMA and the National Guard. He will train more emergency workers in December.