Monday, November 5, 2007

News Headlines for November 5, 2007

Jury selection begins today in Baldwin County, On trial is one of four men accused of several violent crimes over Labor Day weekend in 2006. Rafael Crawford is the only one in the group to not plead guilty. The others have already been sentenced for crimes that range from manslaughter to armed robbery. Police officials say the weekend was memorable for the large number of violent crimes that took place.

Bibb County Commissioners gathered for a retreat over the weekend. The group discussed several issues including consolidation, education, and raising the sales tax. One of the major sticking points was the power of Commission Chair, Charlie Bishop. Some of those present said they were uncomfortable with the fact that he is entitled to vote on every committee. They say this ties up the vote on many issues. Newly elected Commissioner Lonzy Edwards called for the retreat.

The Governors of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida may be nearing an agreement in the tug-of-war over water. The three states have been locked in a bitter battle over water rights since 1990. An epic drought in the Southeast has intensified the fight. Governor Perdue called the meeting pleasant to some degree. The group reached a short term agreement to reduce the amount of water flowing downstream out of Lake Lanier by 16%. Georgia and Alabama are still locked in lawsuits with the Army Corps of Engineers who control water releases from Lake Lanier.

In sports the Mercer women's basketball team opened its season with a 92-63 victory over Georgia College in an exhibition game on Saturday. The regular season starts November 9th.