Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Headlines for Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Property values up in Bibb County following tax reevaluation

Following a recent reevaluation, property tax values in Bibb County are going up an average of 30-percent. Bibb County has not had an accurate reevaluation for several years, even though state law requires one. The state has fined Bibb County 500-thousand dollars because of that. The Board of Tax Assessors plans to send out notices to property owners on May 1, 2009. They will be given time to file an appeal. However, taxes may or may not go up. They are determined based on property values and local millage rates, set each year by local governments. The Board of Assessors will meet on Friday to approve the reevaluation,

Massive development approved despite resident's protests

The Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a major housing development at the corner of Bass Road and Rivoli Drive. The controversial project has angered neighbors who say the Founders Pond development is too large. The commission is asking developers to scale back the number of apartments, townhouses, and assisted living homes. More than 100 residents showed up at the meeting to voice their opposition.

Warner Robins switches from gas chamber to lethal injection

The City of Warner Robins has changed the way it euthanizes stray animals. Mayor Donald Walker says they originally planned to wait until the new shelter was opened to make the switch from the gas chamber to lethal injection. However, opposition from several people in the community caused them to make the switch earlier. Warner Robins has come under fire in the past for its use of the gas chamber. The City of Macon is also scheduled to make the switch in the coming months.